I believe we are only as happy as our relationships are healthy, that includes our relationship with ourselves.

In my practice, I work with individuals, couples, and families. My experience is strongly rooted in the following areas:

Adoption related therapy –  Whether you are an adopted person, birth parent, or adoptive parent, adoption can have a profound impact on how you view, form, and exist in relationships. I spent the first 10 years of my career supporting all members of the adoption constellation. In this work I assisted them in processing, making meaning, and incorporating this aspect of their lives into a more inclusive notion of overall identity. I feel incredibly fortunate to continue to serve this population in my private practice.

Infertility, fertility treatment and ART support – Trying to start a family is a huge decision to make. Often people spend years in preparation for this time in their lives. When conceiving doesn’t happen as quickly, or in a way that you’ve anticipated, your whole life can be impacted.  Often my clients have reported feeling incredibly isolated, out of control and grief-stricken. These difficulties generally affect people individually and as a couple in complicated ways. In our work together, I will help you identify and process your feelings in order to more healthily move through this difficult time. Making the decisions to pursue fertility treatments, which ones and when, brings with them additional stressors and complicating factors. I am familiar with this process and the unique impacts on mental health, relationship dynamics and the children born of these technologies. I am humbled and honored to be in a role of support for people who’s journeys have led them to this place.

In addition to these specific areas- My work is focused on assisting my clients with- anxiety, depression, major life transitions, struggles with work/life balances, identity formation and transition, and relationship issues.

My clinical practice is strength-based, direct, free of judgment, and tailored to meet the needs of my client. I enjoy connecting with clients from a range of backgrounds and lifestyles. I am located in downtown in Eugene, Oregon.